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Austin Powers
International Man of Mystery

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Austin Powers | Dr.Evil | Misc.
Austin Powers 
Ain'tWoman.wav- "That ain't no woman"               

AlottaFagina.wav- Great Quote that makes you say, "Exqueeze me?"

OhBehave.wav- "Oh behave"

BiteHard.wav- "I wont bite... hard"

ColdWar.wav- Austin Powers, a communist?

Cold.wav- "Is it cold in here?"

Contrare.wav- "Oh contrare baby, I think you can't resist me"

Danger.wav- Austin's middle name

DoIMakeHorney.wav- "Do I make you horny?"

Freaks.wav- "It freaks me out!"

Groovy.wav- "Groovy baby"

HelloHello.wav- "Hello, hello"

ManMan.wav- Austin foils another "Evil" plot

Mybag.wav- "This sort of thing aint my bag, baby"

Myself.wav- "Allow myself to introduce..... myself"

Mystery.wav- "Isn't that what an International Man of Mystery is all about"

Promiscuous.wav- Culture shock

SaveWorld.wav- "No actually I- uh, I have to save the world"

Shaglic1.wav- "I think you shagadelic baby, you're switched on, you're smashing"

Smashing.wav- "Smashing baby"

Standee.wav- A mix of some quotes

Swedish.wav- Is this yours?

Vanessa.wav- The "inner-monologue"

YeahBabyYeah.wav- <------What he said.


$1Million.wav- One million dollars, I don't think so

Bone.wav- "Throw me a bone here"

CantBeDone.wav- "That can't be done"

EasilyEsc.wav- Every villains folly

EvilZoo.wav- Wishful fatherly thinking

Fricken.wav- "Throw me a fricken bone here. I'm the boss. Need the info"

GathAssassin.wav- The worlds deadliest assassins

MeowMix.wav- Dr.Evil sings?

Bigglesworth.wav- When Mr.Bigglesworth gets pissed, watch out

MrEvil.wav- They call him DOCTOR Evil!

Ozone.wav- Good evil plan but, been done

RoyalFamily.wav- Another good one, also been done

Sharks.wav- Is it really unreasonable?

Scrotum.wav- Too much f.i.s.h.

SlowDip.wav- "Alright guard, start the unnecessarily slow dipping moving mechanism"


Scream.wav- "*screams* It's Austin Powers!"

BBC.wav- The BBC song

BigBoy.wav- Three words "Bob is back"

DontForce.wav- Tom Arnold just don't get it

FemBots.wav- The fembots welcome the Man of Mystery

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