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Dumber.wav- "Whoa. Dumber than advertised"

Entrance.wav- "How's that for an entrance?"

Goodnght.wav- "*SMOOCH* Goodnight everybody"

Gtprgrm.wav- "We'd better get with the program"

More.wav- "But wait, there's more"

Faboo.wav- "Faboo"

Heregoes.wav- "Here goes"

Okay.wav- "Okay"

Nocntrl.wav- "Boys, no control

Pntless.wav- "That was pointless"

Bubbles.wav- Wakko- "Wanna see me blow bubbles with my spit?" Yakko- "Sure do. In fact, that's the theme of our next show" Dot- "So don't miss it"

Duh.wav- "Duh"

Girls.wav- Yakko & Wakko- "Girls, go fig"

Hllonurs.wav- "Hello nurse!"

Animanc1.wav- The opening 13 secs of the theme

Animancs.wav- "Animaniacs!"

Facts.wav- "Those are the facts!"

Wereanim.wav- One way to say "We're Animaniacs"

Werean1m.wav- Another way to say "We're Animaniacs"

Werean2m.wav- And yet one more way to say "We're Animaniacs"

Oklady.wav- Mindy- "Okay lady, I love you bu-bye!"

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