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Star Trek- The Original

To best view this page, use the Start Trek font: Final Frontier

Hllocomp.wav- "Hello computer"

Knowship.wav- "I know this ship like the back on my hand*BONG*"

Lsngpowr.wav- "Captain. We're losing power in the warp engines"

Whlshere.wav- "Admiral. There be whales here"

Everyone Else
Cryhavok.wav- General Chang- "Cry havok! and let slip the dogs of war"

Doctor.wav- Did you know Bones was doctor? No? Here let HIM tell you

Khan.wav- Khan realizes that well... there she is

Kirkhere.wav- Kirk- "Kirk here"

Vlcnprvb.wav- Spock- "There is an old Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China"

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